Yellows Free Bludit Theme

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Yellows Free Bludit Theme

Yellows is a free theme for the Bludit website. This theme is suitable for community websites and corporate blogs. This theme still supports version 3 of Bludit. Use the latest version of Bludit

  • Fast, simple and responsive theme.
  • Scrollmenu in the mobile version
  • Categories appear automatically in the main menu and footer
  • SEO Friendly.
  • All major browsers fully supported (IE 9+).
  • 1 Feature image with title.
  • Responsive image
  • First Download the
  • Extract the '' file.
  • Upload the 'yellows' Folder in /bl-themes.
  • Sign in to your Admin panel ( and go to the Themes Tab.
  • Activate 'yellows'.
  • Start using it.
How to setup profiles?

    Complete your personal data as below. I use "Last Name" to fill in my profile description

    Added "Custom fields"

    Copy Jason's script below to the "General - Custom Fields" page

        "figure": {
            "type": "string",
            "label": "Figure",
            "tip": "Title for your image"
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    May 13, 2023
    312 Download Live preview

     Bootstrap v5.0
     License MIT
     Source Github

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    Yellows Free Bludit Theme is a free theme. You can use this theme for your business. We hope that the links to Bludit CMS and our website remain in the footer to appreciate our work.

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