Premium Bludit Theme - TemaBersih

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Premium Bludit Theme - TemaBersih

TemaBersih is a Bludit-specific template that combines design excellence with advanced features. With an aesthetically pleasing dark mode, dynamic newstickers, and attractive content sliders, this theme is not only a feast for the eyes, but also enhances the user experience.



Another plus point is the language selection option, which allows users to customise their content according to their preferences. This theme is perfect for a variety of purposes, from bloggers who want to showcase their creativity to companies who want to establish a professional online presence. Not only that, but it is also ideal for communities that want to share information attractively and effectively.

Newsticker: All posts will appear here

Slider Post: Default post number that appears 2 posts (you can set the number of sliders in "home.php"

Recent Post

Related Topic: Related post topics that have the same "Tag"

Dark Mode

Pop up Search Bar

With a combination of modern design elements and functional features, TemaBersih provides the perfect platform for freelance writers and enthusiasts to visually express their ideas and invite better interaction from readers. The theme is also responsive and suitable for mobile devices.

Categories Style

You can change the color of the category badges or use the default style. To be able to use it you must customize the name of your "Categories". Because the color badges are adjusted to the name of category.

You can find this line in "css/style.css".

  • Fast, simple and responsive theme.
  • Newsticker
  • Slider content (Feature post / sticky post)
  • SEO Friendly.
  • All major browsers fully supported (IE 9+).
  • Dark mode
  • Related topic
  • Responsive image
  • First Download the
  • Extract the '' file.
  • Upload the 'temabersih' Folder in /bl-themes.
  • Sign in to your Admin panel ( and go to the Themes Tab.
  • Activate 'temabersih'.
  • Start using it.

Notes: You will also get a demo folder of this theme (bl-content). inform us the url where you run your Bludit website and we will guide you to demo this theme on your website.

Support: If you have any difficulties in installing this theme you can contact us and we will help you to complete this theme on your website.

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TemaBersih is a Bludit-specific template that combines design excellence with advanced features

November 20, 2023

 Bootstrap v5.0

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Premium Bludit Theme - TemaBersih is a Premium theme.

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