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'Twofold guidelines': Western inclusion of Ukraine war reprimanded

27 February 2022  ·  Reading time: 6 minutes  ·  Ukraine crisis

'Everything is foreplay': a relationship advisor on the most proficient method to have better sex

Sex, want and moxie are things that change and develop over the long run for most grown-ups, with those in long haul connections particularly responsible to these recurring patterns

27 February 2022  ·  Reading time: 5 minutes  ·  Worklife

Ukrainians, Russians in Australia join against Putin's conflict

Ukrainian president dismisses Russia's proposal of talks in Belarus in the midst of reports of a fight for control of key eastern city.

27 February 2022  ·  Reading time: 10 minutes  ·  Europe

English lady of the hour's 1930s wedding dress saved from Australian junk skip

A lady from Perth, Australia, safeguarded the treasure as it was tossed into a dumpster and put it available to be purchased

27 February 2022  ·  Reading time: 2 minutes  ·  Australia

Priya Aggarwal: The Indian lady of the hour riding a horse who crushed restrictions

The 27-year-old's festivals, recently, stood out as truly newsworthy in her old neighborhood Ambala, in the northern Indian territory of Haryana

27 February 2022  ·  Reading time: 5 minutes  ·  Asia

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