Cryptoin Free Theme for Bludit

Cryptoin Free Theme for Bludit
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Cryptoin is a theme for blogs that work on crypto coins. We kept it as simple as possible for a nice and friendly look. This theme comes with a widget from Cryptohopper™ embedded in the header.

  • Coin ticker plugin (require activated).
  • Fast, simple and responsive theme.
  • Categories appear automatically in the main menu.
  • Search functionality (require activated). 
  • SEO Friendly.
  • All major browsers fully supported (IE 9+).
  • 1 Feature image with title.
  • Responsive image

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  • First Download the
  • Extract the '' file.
  • Upload the 'crypto' Folder in /bl-themes.
  • Sign in to your Admin panel ( and go to the Themes Tab.
  • Activate 'crypto'.
  • Start using it.
Activate Coin Ticker Plugin
  • Extract '' plugin
  • Upload 'coin-ticker' folder in /bl-plugins
  • Sign in to your Admin panel ( and go to the Plugins Tab.
  • Activate 'coin-ticker'.
Setup Prices Page
  1. Create Prices page (/prices)
  2. Use template name (markets.php)
  3. Go to your web page, refresh it and click 'Prices' menu
How to setup 404 Error page?
  1. Login to your admin page
  2. Create a new page with the title '404' (/404). Click Options > Advanced > Type : Static and in Template enter "error.php" click Save
  3. In sidebar go to Setting > General > Advanced Tab
  4. In Predefined Pages fill in Page not found with '404'
How to setup Coin Ticker plugin with yours own
  1. Open "plugin.php" located at /bl-plugins/coin-ticker/
  2. look for line 5, you can change this widget with your own coin ticker. We use widgets from Cryptohopper™
  3. Click Save

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Cryptoin theme is good for those of you who work writing about Cryptocurrency

Personal Blog
Bludit 3.7+
September 2, 2021
387 Download Live preview

 Bootstrap v5.0
 License MIT
 Source Github

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Cryptoin Free Theme for Bludit is a free theme. You can use this theme for your business. We hope that the links to Bludit CMS and our website remain in the footer to appreciate our work.

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